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Restaurant owners need to stay on top of what’s happening with their restaurant right now, no matter where they are. Metristo puts critical information in your hand, so you can see what’s happening, as it happens, and you can make fast effective decisions.


So what’s this Metristo thing all about?

Simple. Make running your bar or restaurant easier, no matter where you are.

Recently, I followed my life-long dream and officially stepped into the role of restaurateur, purchasing my first restaurant - One Caroline Street in Saratoga Springs, NY. I have always been really engaged in what makes successful businesses tick. Now, as a restaurant owner, I wanted to take advantage of everything I’ve learned to make my restaurant a resounding success.

You really need to have to know what’s happening in all areas of your business — from how much revenue you’re making, to what your customers are saying about you.

Sure, I got an email when a new review was posted to Yelp, and I could download a report from my POS when I had time to go back to my computer, but what is happening, right now, across all different areas of my business?

That's why we built Metristo. Save time, track everything, and better understand your whole business so you can make fast, informed decisions.

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Leadership Team

Brian Kelley
Business / Technology

Brian's a seasoned technologist and restaurant owner.

Garrett Zuiderweg
Product / Design

Over a decade building kick-ass products and software.

"This is going to be an industry standard."

Daniel S. / Restaurant Owner

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